About Us



The workforce at Exon Tech Ltd are the most essential link in delivering models to the end user. From Software Development to Modelling and Data Processing,a diverse set of skills and processes are blended to deliver to the clients expectations.

We are responsible

We have a long standing commitment to responsibility in Procurement, Employment and the Environment. We are always ready to conform to the requirements of our clients. From encouraging commuting by cycling - to paper free (Nearly!) office – we try our best to be fair and respectful of peoples needs.

Our Business

Our Business has been trading for more than 15 years and has been developing engineering solutions throughout. During that time 3D modelling has been an important part of our work. Since 2007 we have been involved with “As Built” modelling from laser survey data and had developed Cloud based intelligent models before the term "BIM" had been popularised. We still push forward with technology and are proud to be at the forefront of this exciting sector.

We have our Mission

We are a developing tech company located in the UK with a global Client Base. We are leaders in the field of As Built modelling for all sectors from Architecture to Oil and Gas. Our Mission is to be the clear choice for all As Built modelling requirements.