Frequently Asked Questions

In this sections we will try to answer the most frequent questions

A Dumb Model will be a physical representation and is used for Clash detection and general engineering were as-built geometry is required. Intelligent modelling will link data to elements in the model so that enquiries can be made using the model as an interface to the data.

LOD is the ‘Level of Detail’ – or the ‘Level of Development’. It is a method of specifying a model’s detail. This will give the optimum balance between functionality and cost for the client.

Modelling Deliverables can be created in many formats – if you are unsure of the best format here are some pointers: Does your company already have a standard? Are you interested in Architecture or Process Plant? Are you interested in the geometry only – or are you interested in linking to data?

Yes, we can supply as built models as a one stop shop. We have an experienced Laser Scanning and Surveying capability. We can of course produce models from Existing Scan Data.

A model will vary in delivery according to its complexity and scale. Large petro-chemical models with linked intelligence may take many months – whilst small architectural models may take only hours.

Generally – No. Most desk top computers will easily have the computing power to handle the graphics and general processing speed. We will happily assist with specifying machines based on the format and type of model.

We will generally deliver the Model using FTP. We may deliver the point cloud (if required) by either FTP or by Memory Stick or other media by post. If the file is larger than 20 GB it is generally safer to post it. Delivery options may be limited by the Client’s download speed and company policies.